Privacy Policy

We attach great importance to your privacy and have specially formulated Doromega’s privacy protection system to protect your privacy. Before you use the services provided by Doromega, please read the following statement carefully.
The privacy settings of this site are divided into "homepage", "contact information", and "applications of the website. Users can choose the degree of openness of your basic information, personal information, school information, contact information and photo albums, logs, etc. For example, the user can choose to open basic information to friends, peers or everyone.
In addition, users can choose to add some other users to the blacklist to better protect privacy.
User rights
After successfully logging in, users can modify their privacy settings or update personal information and passwords under "Account Information".
This site will strictly manage and protect the information provided by users. This site will use corresponding technology to prevent your personal data from being lost, stolen or tampered with. Before getting your permission, this site will not offer any of your personal information to unrelated third parties (including companies or individuals).
1. Intellectual Property
1. The intellectual property rights of each account, comments, pictures and other content posted on Doromega by the of Doromega belong to the users themselves.
2. If users obtain content from others by reprinting, copying, screenshots, etc., and publishing them on Doromega, the intellectual property rights of the relevant content belong to the owner of the content, and users must not infringe on the intellectual property rights and other legal rights of others. If a dispute over intellectual property rights is caused by the content posted by the user, the user shall bear the corresponding consequences. If Doromega suffers any loss as a result, Doromega has the right to protect its legal rights and interests in accordance with the law.
3. The Doromega logo, layout, layout, text, pictures, graphics and other parts protected by copyright law, trademark law, patent law and other laws displayed on shall not be published on any other platforms without the written consent of Doromega.
4. Doromega does not guarantee the intellectual property rights of the content posted by users, and respects the intellectual property rights and other legitimate rights and interests of the right holders. If the right holder believes that the content posted by Doromega users infringes their own intellectual property rights and other legitimate rights and interests, they can provide evidential materials with proof effectiveness to proceed further. After reviewing the relevant materials in writing, Doromega has the right to delete the relevant materials without prior notice in accordance with the "Infringement Law of the country and other laws and regulations, and Doromeg Relevant content and keep relevant data.
5. If Doromega deletes relevant content in accordance with Article 4 above, if the corresponding publishing user has any objections, they can issue a written statement to Doromega regarding the non-infringement of the deleted content according to law, and provide evidence materials with certifying effect. Doromega will deal with it in accordance with the actual situation after a written review.
6. Doromega encourages originality and makes its best efforts to protect the content created by users and posted on Doromega. Users can open the copyright statement of original content when publishing diaries, long reviews, photo albums, etc. If a user’s original content posted on Doromega has been infringed by a third-party platform or its users, the user can protect their rights through the “infringement complaint channel outside Doromega” (currently only supports some platforms). Doromega can assist users in defending their rights after obtaining user authorization. Doromega's rights protection rights do not affect the user's authorization to a third party to perform rights protection. Doromega will stop the exercise of rights protection rights after receiving the user's notice.
2. Information and data
1. Unless otherwise specified or otherwise provided by law ( including but not limited to country's copyright law, trademark law and other intellectual property laws and the provisions of the "Intellectual Property" part of Doromega's "Legal Statement" on relevant ownership ), discloses All other rights and interests of the information or data belong to Doromega. All information or data disclosed by includes but is not limited to: website architecture, program design, program code, page design, pictures, graphics, text, audio, video, and items including but not limited to books, movies, music, etc. Corresponding to ratings, comments, number of ratings, mark records, topic content, group content, etc.
2. Except as otherwise provided by law, any third party shall not use any public information or data of Doromega for any purpose in any form without obtaining the written permission of Doromega, including but not limited to:
Commercial use
(2) The use, quotation, and display of item information, ratings or comments on's books, movies, music, etc., in a way that may harm the interests of Doromega;
(3) Derivative use of Doromega content, including but not limited to any plug-ins, software, applications, and websites developed based on or using Doromega content;
(4) A third party steals or copies user account information in any form, or uses methods such as inducing or requiring users to provide account names and passwords to log in to user accounts, or other uses of user homepages, ID information, and account information; or After obtaining the user account login information, ID information, and homepage information by any means, copy, reprint, and grab the content of by any means;
(5) Data collection, web crawling or similar data collection and data extraction that infringe or may infringe Doromega's interests;
(6) Use Doromega's trademarks, logos or other Doromega's proprietary information (including images, text, numbers, webpage design or form) in other websites, applications, services or commodities;
(7) Other acts that may infringe Doromega's legal rights and interests.
3. If you need to use the information or data disclosed by Doromega, please contact Doromega (email: ………………..) and obtain the corresponding authorization. Doromega reserves the right to pursue legal responsibility for any violation of the above statement.
In the following cases, this site will not be responsible for your privacy disclosure:
You agree to let third parties share information;
You agree to disclose your personal information and enjoy the products and services provided to you;
This site needs to listen to court subpoenas, legal orders or follow legal procedures;
The account and password are illegally used by others due to hacking or user negligence
All content published by Doromega registered users (hereinafter referred to as "users") on Doromega. Only represents the user’s personal views, and is not regarded as Doromega knows the existence of its content, agrees with its content, or proves its authenticity. As the publisher of the content, you are responsible for the content published, and all disputes caused by the content published shall be fully legally responsible for the content publisher. To the extent permitted by law, Doromega is exempt for the above content.
2. Doromega only provides storage space for content posted by users, and Doromega does not make any promises to Doromega's content, service functions, reliability, and availability. Doromega will do its best to provide a stable service with a reasonable level of skills and care, but it does not guarantee that Doromega's services will not be interrupted due to technical, policy, operational and other reasons. Doromega shall not be held liable if any user cannot use Doromega normally due to network conditions, communication lines, requirements of third-party websites or management departments, technical failures, etc.
3. When users publish content on Doromega that infringes on the intellectual property rights, reputation rights, or other legal rights of others, or publish related content that harms national interests, violates current laws, regulations and related policies, or violates public order and good customs, Doromega has the right to block the corresponding content , Delete and other processing measures, and reserve the right to transfer to judicial or administrative agencies for processing. Doromega's specific handling of the above content is subject to the relevant account management rules and is limited to the obligations required by the law. Doromega shall not be liable for failure to perform obligations beyond the legal provisions.
4. Individuals, legal persons, and unincorporated organizations (hereinafter referred to as "complainants") who believe that Doromega has content that infringes on their own legal rights and interests should notify Doromega in accordance with the law and provide legally valid supporting materials. Doromega will deal with the allegedly infringing content in accordance with the content notified by the complainant and current laws and regulations. Doromega handles the relevant content in accordance with the law, which is deemed to have fulfilled the relevant legal obligations and no longer assumes any legal responsibility for the allegedly infringing content.
Contact us
If you have any questions or suggestions about this privacy policy, please contact us via the following method: EMAIL , we will make every effort to protect your privacy.